• Drink clean water

    A glass of water on an empty stomach is a good start of your day.

  • Take vitamins

    Eat fruits. People, who eat at least two apples per day, have cholesterol level lower by 16 % as compared to people who don’t eat fruits.

  • Have a breakfast

    Give your organism nutrients before starting an active day.

  • Do not forget
    to have a snack

    Make it healthful! A handful of nuts, a glass of natural yoghurt or cookies “Maria” with low fat and sugar contents ― is your healthy chose!

  • Take food regularly

    It is more rationally to have five meals a day at the same time.

  • Have dinner with your
    family, not in front
    of TV

    Enjoy having time with your family and take care of your health: when we eat and watch TV at the same time, we can’t focus on our food, and thus get all the nutrients later.

New generation of Ukrainians eat healthy food!
We realize that only healthy nation can provide healthy future of our country.

Physical activity — it is not the only necessary condition of normal
functioning of human body, but also a guarantee of good mood.
Move — it's easy!

  • Prefer stairs, not

    Such kind of activity tones muscles, strengthens bones and regulates blood pressure — and all this without additional stress and diets!

  • Go in for sport

    Just go outside, gather a team and play your favorite game. During sport exercises, our body produces endorphins ― hormones that have positive affect on our emotional state.


    Do a bike ride! Move and discover the world!

  • Spend more time

    Our lungs and blood receive more oxygen while breathing fresh air. As a result, we improve your health and mood.

  • Go walking often

    Travelling by public transport you can get off a few stops earlier and walk. For normal functioning of your body, you should make at least 10,000 steps per day, it takes about 7-8 km.

New generation of Ukrainians have no doubts:
healthy body ― healthy spirit. We choose physical activity!

“Each of us has a choice: just live as you are or to be out for something more. Active life position – is a desire to act, not just follow the other people. Be active. ”

  • Act!

    Don’t wait until someone makes you happy. Make steps towards your dream. Every day!

  • Don’t go with the flow

    Want some positive changes in your life? Look for some opportunities. Analyze your past, plan your future, and change yourself.

  • Don’t waste your time!

    Let your dream come true today. Do everything for this right now!

  • Reach the goal!

    Don’t stop until you see the result of your activity.

  • Put the goals!

    Only 5-10% of people put specific goals for themselves. These people always succeed.

New generation of Ukrainians people who have active position of life! We try to be happy today, that is why we move towards our dreams.

  • Read more!

    “Books are ships, which pass through the vast seas of time”– Francis Bacon told. Try to read at least 25 pages per day!

  • Communicate with
    brintelligent people and
    become smarter!

    According to G. Rizzolatti research, special neurons in our brains are capable to reflect and imitate way of thinking, actions and emotions of another person.

  • The more you give the
    more you get

    Put in order your wardrobe: you will free more space for new clothes. Give your old clothing, which you are not using to people who need it more.

  • Use social
    networking with

    Find new friends and chat with those you already have. However, don’t forget about live contact. Control the time you spend in social networks.

  • Find time for creation!

    People who create something become happier. Draw, write poems, compose music! Everyone has creativity, you just need to find and open yours.

“Every minute of your free time — is a good opportunity to make your life and this world better. Spend your leisure time usefully, say “Yes” to real life!”

New Generation of Ukrainians appreciate their time and plan it rationally. We try to spend every second of our time usefully for our families, all world in general and for ourselves.

“Your habit can be your friend or your enemy. Let your habits to become your friends. ”

  • Focus on everything
    you do

    I should not start doing anything new until you finish previous.

  • Have a rest

    Do some easy exercises during your working day. It will help to relax your body, as well as taking a breath of fresh air will help your brain to work better.

  • Plan your day

    You will be surprised that you have enough time for everything. You can make some notes in your smartphones not to forget about the things you have planned.

  • Smile more often

    Find some sources of fun (entertainment TV shows, fun blogs in social networks) and just smile!

  • Control your budget!

    During all month write down all you incomes and costs – it will help you to control them and understand which expenses you can exclude.

  • Go to bed at the
    same time

    Good rest at night – the best way to wake up easily and feel fresh all day long.

New Generation of Ukrainians cultivate good and useful habits. We realize that discipline is the main key to become happy and successful.

  • Send a gift
  • pool
  • time English
  • plan for the day

Everything that surrounds us inevitably influences us and vice versa. Keep your mind clear.

  • Believe in yourself
    and think positively!

    Remember that our conscious always finds arguments for our persuasions.

  • Fill your life with good news!

    Every day we get a lot of information through our vision and hearing. Try to except only positive information.

  • Follow your fillings!

    Try to keep positive emotions as long as possible. In addition, you should take all the negative emotions out of your head.

  • Have a dreams — they come true!

    It is useful to dream before going to bed. It will improve your imagination, keep your taste of life and help you to sleep well.

New generation of Ukrainians keep clear not only their houses, but also their minds. We want to leave in peace!

  • Watch good movies!

    Choose films, which can make your mood better and motivate you.