Yarych plans to finish the renovation works of Lviv skate Park in April

In 2014 LLC “Confectionary factory», Yarych” came out with social initiative to make renovation of free skate Park on Vinnichenko 4 str., For today, the final works are almost done. The company plans to make an opening ceremony of renovated playground at the end of April.  The first opening of Lviv skate Park was almost 6 years ago. In 2014 Department of youth family and sports of Lviv city Council together with Confectionery factory “Yarych” started renovate works of playground within the social campaign “Restore the Playground together”.

 Appropriate infrastructure should be developed in town: playgrounds for young people and specialized playgrounds – it will help to stimulate young people to have healthy lifestyle. A common task for city authorities, business and society is to join their efforts to create, restore and keep available playgrounds in parks and streets of the city. The first steps in this direction have already been made — I mean huge renovation work of the Park on Vinnichenko str. in 2014-2015 by Lviv city Council and Confectionery factory “Yarych”, – says the head of Department of youth, family and sports LGS Vladimir Schneider. 

In particular, all the elements and surface treatment designs were replaced and changed. According to preliminary data the coast of all renovate works is UAH 60 000.  Now the final stage of reconstruction is in process: thematic graffiti and information boards are in process of installation. 

“The opening of renovated playgrounds is planned for the end of April,” ― said Oksana Kazanchuk, marketing Director of CF “Yarych”. 

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money for sport. It is enough to go outside gather a team and play your favorite game – it is the main idea, which the company wants to get across to the young people. As part of this goal factory have been organized Yarych street sport festival for the last three years. Within this festival, you can not only show your abilities, but also get some valuable prizes. This year the festival will be held in July, partially in renovated Skate Park.  

Renovated Skate Park, the only free platform for skaters – it is the next step of CF “Yarych” to popularize healthy lifestyle among young people and important impact to the development of sport infrastructure.