Planet is a reach place, given people by nature. Appreciate this gift, take care of the environment as you take care of your home! Be a good example to the world: start with yourself ― keep your country clean!

  • Sort the trash!

    Our country actively implements the policy of sorting the waste. Do you know where containers for paper, glass or plastic are? Use them: the air will become cleaner, the water quality will be improved and level of pollution will be decreased.

  • Clean up after
    walking your pets!

    Use plastic or special bags.

  • Join ecological activities!

    Walk to the park: clean it, plant some tree or flower. Learn about such kind of action and attend them with your friends: keep your country clean, make it together.

  • Don’t throw away
    rubbish on the street,
    even small!

    Today trashcans are almost everywhere: near markets, in every park! You don’t see any nearby? Keep it in your pocket until you find the place where you can throw it away.

  • Clean up your territory!

    Team up with neighbors to maintain a clean entrance and courtyard around the house. You can gather with your neighbors and clean up the territory near your house.

  • Utilize dangerous waste!

    The addresses of specialized places you can search online.

Clean country – is the result of collective work of its citizens. New Generation of Ukrainians realize it and do their best to keep our country clean, make it green and blooming!

To reach a right balance between needs of present and future generations, it is necessary to protect our planet’s natural resources – they are not unlimited. Every conscious person is able to do this.

  • Save forest!

    Trees — are the lungs of our planet, home for the most animals and plants, raw materials for production of many things. Save a tree: bring old newspapers and magazines to the point of waste paper reception!

  • Protect and save rare
    species of plants
    and animals

    Don't buy a Christmas tree for New Year and primroses in the spring, don’t go fishing during the spawning, also you can go hunting, but not poaching.

  • Save fossil fuels!

    Gas and coal resources on the planet also have tend to dwindle. Reduce gas consumption, which is supplied for heating, by insulating walls and attic with insulation foam.

  • Use water sparingly!

    According to the UN researches, almost 5 billion of people will have a lack of fresh water by 2030; it is about 67 % of our planet population. Use water sparingly, for example, turn off a tap while cleaning your teeth.

Harming the nature, we do harm our descendants and ourselves. New generation of Ukrainians stand for constructive actions, which aim at the protection and saving of natural resources!

  • Arrange environmental
    awareness measures
    on manufactory

    Arrange educational and informative seminars for your staff to help them form ecological consciousness — introduce them some unique natural complexes of your region and nature conservation territory of your country.

  • Be involved in ecological
    initiatives and create
    your own!

    Start from something small ― organize collective workdays in the morning and collective picnics after!

  • Use alternative sources of energy
    on manufacturing!

    Solar panels, windmills, biofuels will help you. For example, pallets made from wood waste is a renewable fuel unlike gas. They are used on"Yarych" manufacturing.

  • Maintain ecological

    Make goods from natural materials and organic products; carefully check the product quality during the production process.

Saving the environment is one of the most important aspects of social business responsibility. Do you manage the production? Do everything to minimize its harmful impact on the environment!

Each year the quantity of industrial enterprises in the world grows. New generation of Ukrainians want our planet and people who live on it getting only benefits from production.