Happy man is a man who knows the purpose of his leaving. Nature has given to each of us many great abilities. Each of us has huge resources. Get to know yourself to fully emerge your own individual potential.

here are two forms of evolution: mass evolution of species and individual evolution of human. New generation of Ukrainians consciously choose to develop their natural abilities to achieve more and leave as much as possible legacy to their descendants.

  • You need to figure out
    what is your place in this

    Analyze what you have already achieved. Then imagine yourself in five years. It will help you to understand where you should move tomorrow.

  • Do you know about your talents? Cultivate them

    Every day get the inspiration through reading, listening, collecting information about your hobbies and practicing your own skills.

  • People, who surround you show who you are

    Build a circle of friends who will push you up and open new horizons for you.

  • Find hidden strengths!

    Try something new, follow your feelings and you will cognize yourself.

  • Define your faults, which
    prevent moving towards
    your dream

    Fight with them: every day make efforts, which will help you to become better.

  • Remember that Ukraine
    is waiting for real you

    You have to know it is never too late to express yourself and discover your talents. It doesn’t matter where you are, how old you are. Always move towards your dream and be sure that you will find the opportunity to implement it!

All the time try to make your mind more flexible, improve your memory and professional skills. Share your knowledge with others.

  • Curiosity is a feature
    of genius

    Don’t stop asking questions and looking for answers to them: in this way your mind will always stay active, your life become interesting and full of infinite varieties.

  • Train your mind
    and memory regularly

    Develop analytical and creative mind: solve a few logic puzzles today, do some exercises on visualization – tomorrow.

  • Share your knowledge
    with those who need them

    You get knowledge by teaching someone.

  • Learn foreign languages!

    You need to practice foreign languages every day to understand how other nations are living. Watch foreign films without translation, read the articles in original languages or call a friend from another country!

  • Aim at professional development!

    Regularly improve your skills on your own ― read professional literature. Learn from professional mentors ― attend seminars and courses.

New generation of Ukrainians are extremely interested in everything, especially in important things. We convinced that knowledge should be ordered and structured that demonstrate an excellent memory and latitudes. We are standing for erudition and professionalism.

Succeed is like conquer the top of the highest mountain: It’s not easy but you can do this. Each step on your way should be full of efforts. You must do your best and you will be happy with your result.

  • Everything you do, do as
    better as possible!

    Whatever you do, put the highest bar and reach it!

  • Try to get better results!

    Put unreachable goals, and you will reach the maximum results.

  • Meet success worthy!

    Being on the top does not mean looking down on everyone. Don’t forget about your friends.

  • Failure is just a part
    of the way

    Learn from your mistakes. Slipped up? Find the strength to go forth! Not easy? Take a rest and move on!

  • Go ahead!

    Don’t look at others doing. Just listen yourself – only you know what you really need.

Person who is on the top of the mountain have not fallen there from the heaven – Confucius said. New generation of Ukrainians are ready to work hard to reach better results!

Life begins beyond your comfort zone. Come out of your borders ― try the taste of real life.

  • Create opportunities
    to travel!

    Don't wait for you vacation to go somewhere — have a mini vacation for the weekends.

  • Have a rest and experience
    new emotions!

    Skydiving, paintball, or romantic dinner on the roof some building — do something you have never done before. Add bright emotions to your life.

  • Free you space for something
    new and fresh!

    Make away with old clothes, non-constructive thoughts, negative emotions.

  • Go beyond of usual life!

    Try to look at ordinary things in a different way — and you will find an unusual solution for any tasks!

  • Meet new people!

    New people — new experience for you! Be open and free to meet new people, don't be afraid to start a conversation at some party, street festival or in social networks.

New generation of Ukrainians aim at changes. We are ready to change for the better ― and start with ourselves!

Love yourself and the world will love you! Ukraine is our native land, and we have so much to be proud of!

  • Improve knowledge
    of the native language!

    Learn a new word tomorrow — try to use it in everyday life!

  • Learn everything about your
    native land and invite friends
    to Ukraine!

    Travel around the world, but remember about huge quantity of amazing landscapes in your native land. Find the places you can show the tourists and your friends from different countries.

  • Know your ancestry!

    To know about your family tree is important as well as to know the history of your state. You can start from gathering some old photos, letters, and memories.

  • Respect and love Ukraine!

    True patriotism is not the only speaking in the native language or love of particular cultural values. True patriotism cannot exist without sincere love to Ukraine in heart!

Love Ukraine in dreams and in reality, its language, its landscapes and nature — Volodimir Sosura told. New generation of Ukrainians remember important words and listen to them!