• Learn to formulate
    and express
    your thoughts

    Improve your vocabulary for this. Average person uses about 3 thousand words, well-educated person — 6-9 thousand words. Taras Shevchenko knew more than 20 thousand words. Conclusion: read the classics!

  • Make sure that your
    story is logical!

    Think over the meaning of each word that you speak orally or write.

Polite speech is a sign of intelligence. Improvement of your speech deserves respect and certainly brings the results. New generation of Ukrainians spend their time usefully - learning and improving their language skills.

Language and culture are linked. We express our culture through our language. Follow the language norms and speech etiquette ― maintain national culture at a decent level!

  • Learn and improve knowledge
    of your native language!

    Open something new in it. Don't know how to spell a particular word? Spend a minute searching the answer in the dictionary!

  • Make your speech clean

    Use only literary-normative words and phrases, avoid alogisms, tautologies, semantically empty words, dialects, abusive language, and inappropriate foreign words.

The culture of communication is a factor of individual cultural level. Learning the norms of communication ― the result of education. Educate yourself systematically!

  • Be tolerant!

    Different — does not mean bad. Do not force your point of view! Each of us has a right to have own vision of situation, and it doesn't make you enemies.

  • Be polite!

    Politeness is a real talent in communication, which you can get by working and improving yourself. Don't be afraid to say "thank you», «sorry" or "please" once again ― we should say the words of courtesy.

  • Make compliments!

    Admire your grandmother’s culinary talent? Like the hairstyle of your friend? Appreciate that your beloved people can support you in difficult times? Tell them about this ― they will be happy to hear such kind words from you.

  • Watch your facial expressions,
    gestures, intonation.

    A person, you are talking to, can not only hear but also see you. Relax your facial muscles, choose a comfortable position, keep your voice down — all your manners during the conversation can tell a lot about your personality.

  • Be able to listen!

    Look into eyes of person you’re talking to, you should not just listen but also hear what he or she says, don’t let you process of hearing become the process of your speaking.

Human is a social being: from his first, to his last breath he surrounds by other people.
New generation of Ukrainians prefer to leave in cultural society.

“Human culture is not the only the way he speaks or communicates, but also his actions. Make good deeds! ”

You can judge a person by his actions: character, tastes, attitude, desires, and needs. New generation of Ukrainians behave themselves accordingly to the high standards of moral norms and principles, respecting not only themselves but others!

  • Respect elderly people!

    Give way to public transport, help to cross the street; support your elderly relatives!

  • Keep the rules
    of etiquette!

    Learn the rules of behaving at the table, in public places. Follow the principle of feasibility: other people also should feel themselves comfortable not only you.

  • Remember important

    Use a calendar or organizer in your smartphone — they will help you not to forget important things.

  • Be kind!

    Just give a smile to a passer, say “hi” sincerely to people you meet.

  • Be punctual!

    Respect the time of other people. Don't make others wait for you -come to the meeting on time; if you know that you might be late just call and tell.

  • Control
    your emotions!

    Demonstrate feelings according to the situation and mood of others.

  • Read and understand
    what you read!

    Your culture depends not on the quantity of books you have read, it depends on your understanding. Read classic, professional and educational literature. Read, analyze and use your knowledge.

  • Do volunteering!

    Follow the initiatives around you and join the movements that you like.

  • Find a hobby!

    Fitness, playing guitar or decoupage — choose something that can add bright colors to your life, and do it regularly.

  • Follow the cultural
    life of your city

    Performances, film screenings, music concerts, street festivals and museums, look around: there are a lot of interesting!

The way people spend their free time, depends on their interests and preferences. Spend free time constructively, doing things that make you better!

You can spend you free time in different ways. Someone spends it on temporary pleasures that do not bring any benefit. New generation of Ukrainians stand for cultural leisure which brings a feeling of joy and happiness!