About the initiative

New Generation of Ukrainians

The last few years were a crucial period for Ukraine, and today each of us has great hopes for the future of our state. We will built it. We – conscious Ukrainians and our children: those who are already brought up in our families and those who are still in the mothers’ baby bumps. Only healthy and intelligent nation is able to ensure happy present and future of our country.

The purpose of «New generation of Ukrainians” — is deliberate reconstruction of the Ukrainian society for the sake of improving the quality of life for each individual citizen and the country as a whole.Конец формы We should redefine our values and think about important issues. Wheatear we live in a right way? What can we do today to ensure a decent future for coming generations? Human behavior can has both destructive and constructive direction. “New generation of Ukrainians” direct their thoughts, knowledge and actions to constructive channel and learn to get the maximum benefit for society and themselves. 

The Ukrainians have inexhaustible potential for development; our lands impress by their fertility, forests – by loads of green and wildlife.

The project “New generation of Ukrainians” offers new course of our nation’s development, acceptance of which will involve complete upgrade of the Ukrainians’ culture, lifestyle and mentality and of our state’s nature.

We don’t give the Ukrainians any promises – we give clear guide to action, simple tips for everyday life, and description of things that each of us can reach following this advices.

Within the project “New generation of Ukrainians”, we will show you that save nature and take care of your and your children health as simple as enjoy cookies “Maria” from “Yarych”!

We will develop and improve the culture of communication and learn good manners. We will help elders and each other. Together we will change Ukraine for the better!